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 FUE - Hair transplantation 

Newest generation of Artificial hair implantation.

Nido and Biofibre

Exclusively in Europe by Exoderm Medical Centers



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Advanced plastic surgeries :  Face lifts, liposuctions, breast  Lifts, chemical peel,

Hair transplantation, Botox, Acne Scars removal,  cosmetic Surgeries,  


Exoderm Clinics

Represents the - Most modern clinics and methods ( EU  - Standards)

All plastic and cosmetic surgeries are done only by top professional

plastic surgeons. 30 years of practice.  



Hair transplantation

 professional Exoderm's Hair Clinics


 Click to enter : FUE - Hair transplantation


FUE - hair transplant - no scars !

Strip -  FU - FUT - micro graft and macro grafts.

EFI-  Hair restoration by special finest injectors and electric punchers .


AH -  Artificial hair,  

Biofibre -  Bio Synthetic  hair

special bio synthetic hair looks and feel just like natural hair


Nido hair - Synthetic implantation ,

New generation -  collagen type artificial hair, 

safe and high quality hair.


Reparations -  corrections.

of any type of unsuccessful of unsatisfying hair transplants

and older scars corrections.

increase the density of  any hair or prior transplants .


implant of synthetic hair ( after burned scalp )

high rate of success.


 In Exoderms chain and hair clinics :

You will find all new generation types of artificial hair exclusively
Nido or Biofibre

Exoderm clinics are :  the only professional clinic that

implants up to 4000 hair in a day.

Artificial hair - according to:  CE /TGA /ISO -  regulations
And approvals.

no need to wait several month for the results !


Unique hair transplantation methods
from your own hair.

Most professional and modern methods
Done only by the best experienced and qualified
surgeons and staff ,

No one can tell or see if that is synthetic or yours
synthetic hair comes in all colors and hair types ,

Curly , waved , strait, short or long hair 17 to 45 cm.
Results in only one day .

After care - where ever you are :
Find us in any of our worldwide Exoderm clinics.
Professional hair clinics department.

special exclusive methods as developed during 30
Years of experience.

There is no type of baldness or hair that we won't
find the best solution to give you a full hair and
The most natural looks.

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Details :  E-mail us

send us your photos :

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Watch our Video - 10,000 hair implant




Nido - implant with new Collagen type hair.




Before                                                                                           After


3000 Synthetic hair implant Exoderm




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The only original "Exoderm peel ( lift )"

The best method for 
non surgery face lift .

In just about 8 days You will look 10 - 20 years younger,

by one treatment only.


results are good even for 20 years and more
Removes all your wrinkles, even the deepest ones, lines, pigmentation, age spots

and shrinks Acne scars, gain back your young skin quality .
No Cosmetic face lift surgery is required !


What can you expect from the original "Exoderm" peel  ?


The best results and peace of mind.


The only original non surgery Face lift with more than 30 years of success over the world

thousands of satisfied women and men did undergo the Exoderm peel - face lift

with not even one complication when was done by the original peel and by

Exoderm international Medical Center clinics and doctors  only, 

unlike several fake Exoderm peels that are offered by Doctors

that are using our name and reputation only but do not use any of our methods

or the original materials and did never get any trainings or knowhow from us.


what is the original Exoderm peel ?


Face and neck Skin fully skin renewal. A complete non surgical Face and neck  lift.

that is done in a complete different way than any other deep chemical peels or the

regular phenol peels with the highest relative safeness  and less risk .

Lose all your wrinkles, folds, Acne scars and pigmentation,

Without losing your natural look as happens with a surgical face lift !

longest lasting results !

gain skin  Elasticity back :

the Exoderm peel rises the level of the Collagen and the Elastin  by 80-90 %

that percentage should last for many years .

actually this Exoderm peel is the only Real ant aging process that works, the results are



Exoderm peel treatment :


The peelings are done in the most modern operating rooms ,


you will get a light sedation by our best anesthesiologists ,

no general Anastasia is required or done !  you will be actually awake

during the treatment, but have no pain and monitored by our staff and doctors .


the peel lasts 1.00 -2.00  hour only ,   after the application of the Exoderm solution

a special mask will cover the face , the  eyes and  lips are free from the mask.


in about 2-3 hours after the peel you will be removed by us to our facilities clinics or Hotel ,


the special first mask will be removed after 36-48 hours,  and replaced by a light antiseptic powder

that remains till day 7 or 8 .


during the healing days in our accommodation or hotels the patients are under our observation

24 hours a day,  can rest , eat and drink and move around comfortably

using full board with 24 hour room service.


As from the removal of the last mask you may return home and even to work,

with no edema and no marks beside the colors that are faded by make-up.


After care includes moisturizing cream and high factor sun block,


first days the color of the new skin will be pinkish that can be covered by any kind of make-up.

so actually no one will notice the fresh peel.


warning :

Since there are several fake "Exoderm peelings" in the market that are using our reputation but has

nothing to do with the original method and formulas so:


we highly recommend to all patients to approach only to one of our licensed and franchised doctors

and clinics that are part of the Exoderm International Medical Centers chain and are working by

our franchise methods and materials - only !  with our full back up,

E-mail us  -  verify your doctor ,

get the list of the original international Exoderm centers and clinics .


Unique package deals:


For all plastic surgeries, Exoderm peel (peeling)

Hair transplant and synthetic hair implants .



Full board  24 - hour -  room service + Menu.

24 - hour - therapeutic observation.

Transfers :

Pick up and drop off from the Airport .




Exoderm Peel  - face lift after 10 days



Exoderm peel



Special offer for Doctors  , MD'S

or Clinic owners :

the original "Exoderm"

trainings  course  - Franchise


Become also a part of our Exoderm

International Medical Centers.

Esthetic clinics :

Plastic surgery , Dermatology , Hair

transplants ,

And all of beauticians 

modern treatments .


Complete training for the Exclusive Original

Exoderm peel and face lift method.
Possibility to franchise with the original 

Exoderm Medical Centers chain

on an exclusive partnership base

 at your own area & clinic !

 with our professional back up 

The original - Exoderm peel, lift.

30 years of experience !

Ccombine with the complete 

solution for baldness ,

unique hair transplantation methods and

synthetic hair implants combinations.

courses , complete  trainings ,

workshops  for Doctors and

for their Medical ( Hair ) assistants.


For more Details

Please call or send an E-mail

Mr. Michael Eger, M. Director

Exoderm I.M.C    E-mail


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Nido after 3700 hair implants

"Nido" colors

"Biofibre" colors 





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