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Exoderm I.M.C -  International Medical Centers

FUE - Hair transplantation 

Artificial Hair implant - synthetic hair -  the Newest and safest generation

Nido and Biofibre -  Exclusive in Europe

Exoderm Peel ( chemical peeling ) Best non surgery face and neck lift

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries - Most modern Centers

Exoderm's Hair Transplant


Exoderm's complete solution for any kind of baldness

no scars !  highest  density even 5000 - 6000 Hair per session.

100% success with our special hair transplant methods ! 


Exoderm - Biofibre Hair implant


For Doctors

 The complete solutions for baldness ,
unique hair transplantation methods and
2 kinds of synthetic hair implants
and all type of FUE transplant combinations.
courses , complete  trainings , Franchise
workshops  for Doctors and for
the Medical ( Hair ) assistants.



Special offer for patients :

 From 25 % up to 50 %


 From 25 % Up to 50 % Allowance

on specific dates.

Our special group price is valid during periods of our

training Courses and workshops for our doctors 

 those attractive prices given only for specific dates

to a limited number of patients only,

 Valid : For new patients only that needs a minimum of 3000 hair implant

V.I.P treatments  E-mail


Register now to get on the waiting list.


 Send us your photos and contact details with your request

to join the group of patients having the Implants during the

 Exoderm Medical courses.


* we guarantee those prices only to the first patients to apply

upon the number of patients we decide to treat in each course upon our availability,

and upon the number of the implanted hair at any day.

 Patients that may register later on or after we filled up our list will

be notified as for having the choice to be listed to the next course or may have the implant

 at the regular price at the same time or at any other available dates.    


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